The export potential of small and medium enterprises of Udmurtia

Enterprises of Udmurtia offer for Russian and foreign partners a wide range of products - metals, chemical products, plastics and rubber, paint and construction materials, machinery and equipment, wood and timber, equipment and spare parts for the oil industry, etc.

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Metallurgy, metalworking and metal products

In the Udmurt Republic there are small and medium-sized enterprises involved in the smelting of metals and their further processing. The companies produce a wide range of products from steel, brass, bronze and other metals and alloys: mobile buildings, grandstands, sports bleachers, household appliances, measuring tools, welding equipment, tanks, superstrong springs, bearings, rods, tubes, spare parts for railway equipment and spare parts for construction equipment and oil equipment. Enterprises of Udmurtia also provide services for the design and manufacture of non-standard equipment, design work and preparation of the technical documentation of the products.

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Machinery and equipment manufacturing

This industry is one of the leading positions in the economy of the region. The companies of the Udmurt Republic have reliable research works made together with leading universities of the region. Enterprises develop and produce unmanned aerial vehicles, wind and diesel power plants, generators, transformers and convectors, steam turbines, polymer processing equipment. Also companies produce equipment in the following industries: tanks and refrigeration, hydraulic, motorcycle, heating, oil (including machines-rocking and cementing units), massage, construction, also products for the home, including induction heaters, boilers and devices to remove scale. It is worth emphasizing equipment manufactured by companies for agriculture: equipment for dairy farms, drinking bowls for cattle, feed stations, milking equipment, etc.

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IT & telecommunications

The Udmurt Republic is known for its specialists in the IT field, and developers of telecommunication equipment. Companies provide such services as mobile application development, building websites, developing software for automation of production, CRM-systems, etc.

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Also companies produce the following equipment: multiplexers, switching equipment and data storage, vending equipment, remote device information, etc.

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Forestry, wood processing, wood products and furniture

The region is widely developed in timber, woodworking and furniture industry. Companies offer to their partners the following products: planed and non planed timber, plywood, boards, wooden houses, edged and unedged timber, charcoal and briquettes, glued products, furniture panels, etc.

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It is also worth noting that enterprises of Udmurtia produce cabinet furniture, children's furniture, kitchen furniture and entryway, furniture accessories, wooden doors, etc.

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Chemical production, products from plastic, rubbers and construction materials

This industry is one of the fastest growing in the region in recent years. Enterprises produce the following products - paint and varnish materials: impregnation for wood, lacquers, paints, enamels, colouring pastes; building materials: primers, fillers, izolon, foam rubber; plastic and rubber products: watering cans, hoses, PVC panels, decorative elements; household chemicals and cleaning products for agriculture, etc.

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Food industry

Food production is actively developed in the Udmurt Republic. Enterprises produce oil, honey, cheese, sweets, flour, besides, companies offer grain and seed of different cultures, etc.

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Textile and sewing production

The important place in the economy of the region is occupied by enterprises of textile industry. Companies produce the following products - overalls for the industrial enterprises, uniform for different services, clothing for hiking, hunting and fishing, felt and felt products and also casual clothes etc.

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