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About us                                                                                           

Export Support Center of the Udmurt Republic is an organization that works under the supervision of Ministry of Economy of the Udmurt Republic.

Center’s primary objective is the support of national exporters and promotion of Udmurt products in the foreign markets.

Key activities for export:

*international exhibitions
*international official business trips and business delegations to Udmurtia
*consulting and information support for export-oriented small and medium enterprises of Udmurtia
*round tables, presentations of the region and other events held for the members of foreign economic activity. 


The Center promotes expansion of the foreign economic cooperation between companies of the Udmurt Republic and other countries. Besides, the Center works for increasing competitiveness of Udmurt companies, giving free of charge support for promoting their goods (works, services) on the foreign markets.

Strategic goals

Involving business of the Udmurt Republic in export activity in order to increase volumes of goods exported to other countries.


In 2017 Export Support Center of the Udmurt Republic was the second one of the best centers in Russia.

In 2015 Export Support Center of the Udmurt Republic was in the Top five of the best centers in Russia.

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